Day 3: DIY Awesome Shoes

How to Make an Awesome DIY Shoes:

  1. (Top left hand small shoes) You are going to need a pair of white canvas shoes, sharpies, and rubbing alcohol (I’m using 70% Isopropyl).
  2. Next make small design with the colorful sharpies and use an eyedropper to drop the rubbing alcohol  onto the shoes. To have a good result do a little sharpie work then immediately use the rubbing alcohol.
  3. Leave out the shoes for a few days so they dry out. To make sure they don’t bleed when water touches use shoe water proof spray. If you can’t find a water proof spray ask your local shoe stores that sell Uggs for a good place to find spray. Why Uggs? Because they are NOT water proof.


  1. (Top right pair of shoes) Just like above you are going to need white canvas shoes, sharpies, and the water proof spray.
  2. Now this is up to you do ANY pattern you like I did alternating wiggle lines in different types of blues. And the bottom pair of shoes in the picture were done the same way but in a different pattern.
  3. Leave out for a few days to dry and spray the water proof spray.

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