Day 2: DIY Tie-Dye Shirts

How to Make Tie-Dye Shirts:

  1. Find or buy a white t-shirt or white tank-top, different colored sharpies, eye dropper, rubbing alcohol (I’m using 70% Isopropyl).
  2. Make sure a magazine or card board piece is between the shirt and the back of the shirt so it doesn’t bleed through.
  3. Make clusters of dots in any pattern you like on the shirt. Do remember when choosing a pattern the ink will spread so don’t put the dots to close to each other.
  4. Use the eye dropper to pick up some rubbing alcohol and drop alcohol onto the dots of sharpie colors.
  5. Let the shirt dry for about three days where it can get lots of air (like near a fan). After that place it in the dryer by itself and this will help it dry out.
  6. Test under the sink water if you can see bleeding let dry and repeat step five until no bleeds come through.   

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