Day 1: DIY Pineapple Jar

How to Make an Awesome Pineapple Jar:

  1. Find or buy a mason jar, yellow paint, black sharpie, lots of starbursts (just enough to fill the mason jar)
  2. Next, cut out a oval shape to fit nicely on to the mason jar and tape down underneath the paper.
  3. After that, paint yellow around the paper all over the jar. Don’t forget to take the lid off so you don’t get paint over the lid.
  4. After the paint has dried peel of the paper.
  5. Make an almost complete triangle like this ^ all over the jar you don’t need to make perfect patterns of this
  6. Take the lid of your jar and paint a green color of your liking.
  7. Cut out again with a green of your liking long green pineapple looking leaves and hot glue on. Or if you want you can use a paper that you wrap around the lid and cut out leaves and hot glue or tape.
  8. And lastly the most awesome fill with colorful Starbursts or what I did Reese’s Pieces!!!!! 🙂                                                                 

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