Coco The New Pixar Movie!

This (the picture below) is our first look at the new Pixar movie Coco. It is coming out this fall. I for one, think it’s going to be good because who doesn’t LOVE Pixar? Anyways, totally go onto YouTube and checkout the first trailer. If you want something to compare it to it looks to be kind of like the Book of Life from 20th Century Fox. But I can’t wait for it to come out comment what you think about the new Pixar movie Coco.

Day 3: DIY Awesome Shoes

How to Make an Awesome DIY Shoes:

  1. (Top left hand small shoes) You are going to need a pair of white canvas shoes, sharpies, and rubbing alcohol (I’m using 70% Isopropyl).
  2. Next make small design with the colorful sharpies and use an eyedropper to drop the rubbing alcohol  onto the shoes. To have a good result do a little sharpie work then immediately use the rubbing alcohol.
  3. Leave out the shoes for a few days so they dry out. To make sure they don’t bleed when water touches use shoe water proof spray. If you can’t find a water proof spray ask your local shoe stores that sell Uggs for a good place to find spray. Why Uggs? Because they are NOT water proof.


  1. (Top right pair of shoes) Just like above you are going to need white canvas shoes, sharpies, and the water proof spray.
  2. Now this is up to you do ANY pattern you like I did alternating wiggle lines in different types of blues. And the bottom pair of shoes in the picture were done the same way but in a different pattern.
  3. Leave out for a few days to dry and spray the water proof spray.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This holiday is one of my favorites because it has to do with lucky clovers! In which I hope you now know that my YouTube channel is LuckyClover15! I hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day even if you are in school. I fortunately am on my Spring Break!

– The Lucky Girl

Day 2: DIY Tie-Dye Shirts

How to Make Tie-Dye Shirts:

  1. Find or buy a white t-shirt or white tank-top, different colored sharpies, eye dropper, rubbing alcohol (I’m using 70% Isopropyl).
  2. Make sure a magazine or card board piece is between the shirt and the back of the shirt so it doesn’t bleed through.
  3. Make clusters of dots in any pattern you like on the shirt. Do remember when choosing a pattern the ink will spread so don’t put the dots to close to each other.
  4. Use the eye dropper to pick up some rubbing alcohol and drop alcohol onto the dots of sharpie colors.
  5. Let the shirt dry for about three days where it can get lots of air (like near a fan). After that place it in the dryer by itself and this will help it dry out.
  6. Test under the sink water if you can see bleeding let dry and repeat step five until no bleeds come through.   

Day 1: DIY Pineapple Jar

How to Make an Awesome Pineapple Jar:

  1. Find or buy a mason jar, yellow paint, black sharpie, lots of starbursts (just enough to fill the mason jar)
  2. Next, cut out a oval shape to fit nicely on to the mason jar and tape down underneath the paper.
  3. After that, paint yellow around the paper all over the jar. Don’t forget to take the lid off so you don’t get paint over the lid.
  4. After the paint has dried peel of the paper.
  5. Make an almost complete triangle like this ^ all over the jar you don’t need to make perfect patterns of this
  6. Take the lid of your jar and paint a green color of your liking.
  7. Cut out again with a green of your liking long green pineapple looking leaves and hot glue on. Or if you want you can use a paper that you wrap around the lid and cut out leaves and hot glue or tape.
  8. And lastly the most awesome fill with colorful Starbursts or what I did Reese’s Pieces!!!!! 🙂                                                                 

My NEW Youtube Channel!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote in the blog but here it goes. Woo hoo! Finally I have a YouTube Channel although nothing has officially been uploaded you can totally subscribe though! You can find my channel at LuckyClover15! Soon some DIY’s well show up on the blog as well!

Talk to You Soon,

The Lucky Girl