Friends and Family

Friends and family are really important so never let them go. My mom still has friends that were in her high school, still. Anyways, my family is here for Thanksgiving which is really cool because almost no one was coming for dinner… But hopefully you guys have a good day!!!

Today For Me…

Hi everyone! Yesterday my Grandma and Papa arrived surprising me! They are here till Sunday, so for Thanksgiving! Hopefully you guys get to see some of your family this holiday! I can’t wait because I get Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie too! Yippie!

Anyone know what a Henna Tattoo is? Well it is a tattoo that stays on for about one to three weeks, if you treat it correctly!

I’m so frustrated that my favorite never comes on… It is called “God Made Girls,” this is a country song… I love country! I’ve gotta go time to eat breakfast! Yay!

Recommendations (all)

Food: MOD Pizza is a great thing if you are picky with your pizza so you can make it in any way you want!

Dessert: Menchie’s is a great frozen yogurt place you can almost any topping and they have lots of flavors that you will love!

Movie:Despicable Me is a great movie and if you like silliness you will love the minions Kevin & Dave!

Elementary Schools: I think Grassvalley is a great school! And has many awards and fun places to go and see!

Do you have any recommendations that you would like to share? Put them into the comments below! Thanks! 😀

How To Deal With Boys In School

Boys are crazy! So I try to avoid them as much as I can only because they get into a trouble a lot!! I mean it boys can turn into different people literally in the matter of seconds because if there is a girl that a boys like they will become nice! Everyday you will see them no matter what because you have classes! But just be careful around them!