My Favorite Things!

Mine-craft, ice cream, TV, Mine-craft videos, friends, white chocolate, cupcakes, cooking, girls, boys, pool, trampoline, camera, books, bed,  titanic, Amelia Earhart, two story houses, pasta, water, banana grams, cats, legos, american girl dolls.

Secrets from Claire!

Hey I love mine craft! I also like to hang out with boys sometimes! I like piano and guitar! And I like to go places where I can get pictures! I also make a video diary for my cat Toaster! Write in my comments what you like to do and maybe some secrets!!


I love pie!! Do you like pie?! Well I do my favorite it is apple and pumpkin pie!! Write in my comments what your favorite pie is!!! Please write comments for me to read!!! Thanks!!!!


I love this blog! I can right anything I want, even my feelings. If you want to make a blog  ask your mom and dad first. Because some moms and dads don’t want there kids wanting other people commenting mean things. GTG!!!!

Rainbow Loom!

I love rainbow loom! You should get it at your local craft store! I get it at Michael’s! You should get the book too. And some people sell them like Claire’s speaking of Claire my name is Claire! Some times you can get them at different stores too! And you could do a fundraiser like I am doing with a couple my friends! That’s why I love rainbow loom!!