Friday Nights!!

I love Friday nights! Every Friday night our family and Ian (a family friend) go to a place called Mellow Mushroom. If you don’t know what Mellow Mushroom is it is an amazing pizzeria but they do have other stuff though. IMG_2371

Bye Good Luck Charlie

I love good luck Charlie!! I am so sad that good luck Charlie is stoping making new shows!!! I would practically do any thing to have it back!! If you want to keep good luck Charlie! If so write a comment telling me why you want to keep it!! I am going to miss good luck Charlie!!!


My dad and mom have glasses I wish I could have them!!! But mom and dad say that I wouldn’t like them if I had to have them. Well… Mom was right when I had to have braces though. She had braces for eight years!!! But now I have a retainer on the top and bottom. One time this boy in my second grade class had a retainer! You could barely see it! Some people have their ears pierced I don’t want them pierced because I’m scared!

The latest news at Grass Valley Elementary school!

The boys latest news is… Well they really like football and soccer at recess. Also when they get home they like to play Mine-craft.

The girls latest news is… Well we really like the chicken bars! Here is some moves Mustache, Gummy-bear, Jackson’s way, and the Swedish fish. Some girls like to play Mine-craft and Animal Jam. When girls get home they make  bracelets with the Rainbow Loom.

My Dream Home!

Ohh! I would have a rock covered entryway. On the left I would have a bathroom with a bath tub and a big mirror. On the right I would have a big closet. When you walk through the hallway you will see a living room and the kitchen. In the living room there would be a 14-19 inch TV. And a corner couch of course in the corner. In the kitchen I would have a island and a big pantry. On the left of the kitchen I would have a door to my bedroom. Inside I would have a queen size bed. And a huge closet that picks out what you should where. Also a desk full of papers, pens, and pencils. And a big pool! That would be my dream house!! 🙂